Sailing Vessel TATOOSH2

A CUSTOM ERICSON CRUISING 36 - Designed by Bruce King -

Length Overall = 39 feet

Length On Deck = 36 feet

Length Waterline = 30 feet

Beam = 12 feet

Draft = 5 feet

Sail Area = 702 square feet

Displacement = 16,000 pounds

" ... Bruce and I had an Ericson 36 for several years. The 36 remains one of (if not the) most favorite of Bruce's designs."

- Pam King, April 2001

TATOOSH2, alas, has been sold!

A new partner and larger sail boat was the cause. More coming about the Sailing Vessel PEREGRINA.

The new TATOOSH in temporary moorage at Channel Islands Boatyard

TATOOSH2has many design elements similar to those of the first TATOOSH. Clipper bow, cutter rig, and traditional appearing above the waterline. The bottom however has a racing pedigree through it's designer Bruce King who is well known for his slick racing designs and "Whitefin", "Whitehawk", "Hetairos", "Antonisia" and other famous boats.

TATOOSH2 is Hull Number 59 in the Ericson Cruising 36 production run of probably not more than 60 hulls and is very much custom in both rig, interior layout and interior joinerwork which is of Koa and Teak. The custom rig was designed specifically for the first owner of the boat by Bruce King in 1979 and adds a short bowsprit and 3 feet to the boom giving more sail area and better light air performance than the production Cruising 36's.It is this short bowsprit and longer boom with comensurate increase in sail area (and the custom interior) that distinguishes this vessel from the stock Cruising 36.

The hull identification number shows the hull was built by Ericson Yachts in 1979. The vessel was then completed by Westerly Marine of Costa Mesa, California. The official Builders Certificate shows Westerly Marine as the builder and states that the vessel was completed in 1983. Westerly Marine is still in business and seems to be turning out a number of custom boats.

TATOOSH2was in the Channel Islands Boatyard in Oxnard, California for more than 4 months undergoing bottom work. When the work was completed I decided that while TATOOSH2will eventually be coming to Boston - she should taste the Pacific again before coming to the East Coast.After a few months of temporary moorage at the Channel Islands Boatyard TATOOSH2has been moved to the Ventura Isle Marina in Ventura Harbor until the move to Boston Harbor.

On the hard ready for some serious work on the bottom. Just before the haulout for Survey the owner said that last time his diver cleaned the bottom he noted a "few blisters." Not a few - and many repairs showing a long history of problems. After much difficulty a renegotiated price allowed for a complete "peel" of the gelcoat below the waterline and a buld up of a new skin. The bottom must dry to the proper moisture content before the new bottom goes on.

Here the stern still shows the old name of ANDANTE and all the vines and flowers. "I like flowers - just not on boats" says my friend Webb Chiles - I agree. Webb has embarked on his "interrupted" fourth circumnavigation having left Boston May of 2001 aboard THE HAWKE OF TUONELA.

Renamed and ready to go back in the waters of the Pacific

  • Saga of the Wheel - I have always had boats with tillers ....

  • A Cutter without a Stays'l?

    Putting the rig to rights! This cutter was always rigged as a sloop. Rerigging was planned for May 2002, and the original unused staysail was recut and ready. Finally, 6 months later TATOOSH is a true cutter as designed - rigged but not yet ready to sail!

  • Cockpit Changes - New console & propane storage, acccess hatch, new engine instruments & controls.

  • The New Engine! - What is a PHASOR anyway?

  • No brakes on this boat! - Flex-o-Fold to the rescue?

  • New batteries and electrical? - Not a Trojan horse ....

  • Stories of pumps and hoses .....

TATOOSH2 finally sails in the Atlantic!

After a false start TATOOSH2 was launched for the second time on July 8, 2003 and sailed to her home of Boston Harbor. In addition to the new engine and new prop TATOOSH also has a shiney new shaft and coupling. Don't ask me how it got bent .... or how much all this costs - haven't a clue.

My friend Tanya (A.K.A. "The Canvas Lady") came along as crew - is very able - as well as looking pretty good on the helm.

The most difficult part of the trip was trying to get TATOOSH turned around at the boatyard dock and trying to get around fat motor boat that had the end tie up. Very tight in there and a guy on the dock handled a line on the stern as I went in forward and reverse repeatedly trying to get turned around without hitting the crowded dinghy dock. Very high tide or I could not have got out. We finally left the Crocker's Boatyard around noon and threaded our way through the densely packed moorings and out the narrow but well marked channel.

Manchester-by-the-Sea has a pretty little harbor with money in abundent evidence. After passing the well named Satan's Rock we hoisted sail bound for Boston. Motor and all ran perfectly, and all my new plumbing, sea cocks, and electrical stuff were fine. This is the first time that TATOOSH sailed with her full sailplan of jib, stays'l and main.

A delightful sail with speeds of 3.5 to 5.4 knots until the Boston Harbor entrance. Wonder how much I have gained with the folding prop? Wind died at the entrance, tug and barge tried to run us over, and got bracketed by quintet power boats in a hurry. Felt like home ....

Too much traffic and too little space - then the huge Norwegian cruise ship decided it was time to leave harbor - fun was had by all!

I am now uncomfortably moored at Constitution Marina - squeezed along side an old light blue Westsail with diesel jugs and gear all over her decks. We have about 6" between us. I at least avoided impalement on the ridiculously long stainless steel bowsprit - the Westsail is stern to the dock.

Thai food and couple of Singhas tasted pretty good after the short maiden (Atlantic) voyage. Tanya thinks I need a awning over the cockpit and a small companionway dodger so she needs to come back up for some measurements - and some more sailing. That certainly works for me.

Seemed silly going across the bridge to the North End of Boston where I live when I would have probably been more comfortable sleeping aboard TATOOSH!

So ends an interesting traverse from Pacific to Atlantic and travels through three boatyards - two of which were very good, and three riggers - all of whom were good. TATOOSH2 continues her transformation from a boat setup up for staying at the marina dock - to a well performing and well equipped cruising sailboat that is now minus three large and beautiful framed, etched and beveled mirrors that have no place on a sailboat.

The end of the beginning perhaps?!